Canibus - Harbinger Of Light lyrics
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Canibus - Harbinger Of Light lyrics

Yea, the life of the world
Let me share somethin' witchu
What does not die that'll eternally thrives the free minds
That's who you know you're alive

I was spiritual first
She cut my umbilical at the physical birth
And welcomed me to miserable Earth
Why does it hurt?
She layed me on my back under the dirt
Cover my girth with a dirty shirt
What could be worst?
She said - "God bless the dead but they got at easy"
The livin' get left behind but still can't live their life completely
Tough luck, right before I was about to give up
I passed out emotionally bankrupt
In the dead vegetation it was dark brown red like menstruation
I couldn't eat it despite the temptation
I was hungry and impatient
My hands were shakin', I stopped payment
They botched my face in operation
Nip and Tuck, livin' it up
DAMN! "Why you still spittin' 'Bus?"
"'Cause you don't listen to my lyrics enough"
At night from a satellite view the city's a heart
The red and white blood cells are the lights on cars
From that distance look down and observe my lyrics
The atmospheres of organism we apparently living
Since the beginning, The Law of Three, The Law of Seven
On question, the principle of scale or heaven
Law One thru Forty Eight
Law Forty Nine is the loophole I use to escape
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