Twista - Mo' Money lyrics
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Twista - Mo' Money lyrics

That nigga let his fuckin flow go
Niggaz tryin to switch up the flows on niggaz
Hit niggaz, slip niggaz with a micky
Drop that joint

Yeah yeah (it's the remix y'all)
Like a muh'fucker (oh yeah)
Whassup my nigga (and still hot up in that boy, ain't it man)
(Yo Jay, Kel, fin' ta set it off for y'all)

[R. Kelly]
It's, the, remix
TrackMaster remix y'all, Kels and Jigga
Big chips with Twista y'all, get this money

I, heard the ballers when I pulled up to the club
Cause I'm rollin up on fo' flickers
Peanut-butter interior, black body
And in case you didn't know, I be the Twista
Hundred bombs in my pockets, put your ones up
I hear some niggaz lookin at me for the come up
Try to creep creep, I pull a gun up
I put a hole in the first nigga that run up
The ballers be Jay, R, and T
Spit it cold cause the music is a part of me
Can't nobody spit it fast as me
Got an academy of haters comin after me
I know I got what you want, I know I got what you need
Come and mob to the top before you get, this, money

Pull up on the block in the alien gray Bentley
Full of sport modes, you never could hang with me
Just to get in early, I paid a extra 50
Gettin that money my nigga
Oh-five Chrysler, trees for the blunts
Three hoes in the back, two fiends in the front
Twenty-two inch shoes, CV's in the trunk
Gettin that money my nigga
Makin dough off a style I be the best in
Glad to be down with these two livin legends
Now let me see which league I'ma invest in
Gettin that money my nigga
Rollin this cheer, put the niggaz in fear
Makin bitches shed tears, take a look at my career
Now the shit's swell
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