Dubliners - Home Boys Home lyrics
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Dubliners - Home Boys Home lyrics

Oh well, who wouldn`t be a sailor lad a sailin` on the
To gain the good will of his captain`s good name?
He came ashore one evening for to be.
And that was the beginning of my own true love and me

And it`s home,boys,home
Home I`d like to be home for a while
In me me own country,
Where the oak and the ash and the bonny rowan tree
Are all a-growin` green in the old country.

Well I asked for a candle for to light me up to bed
And likewise for a handkerchief to tie around me head.
She tended to me needs like a young maid ought to do,
So then I says to her ”Now won`t you leap in with me

Well she jumped into bed, making no alarm
Thinking a young sailor lad could do to her no harm.
Till she wished the short night had been seven years

Well early next morning the sailor lad arose
And into Mary`s apron threw a handful of gold
Saying ”Take this me dear for the mischief that I`ve
For tonight I fear I`ve left you with a daughter or a

”Well if it be a girl child, send her out to nurse,
with gold in her pocket and with silver in her purse,
and if it be a boy child he`ll wear the jacket blue
and go climbing up the rigging like his daddy used to

Oh come all of you fair maidens, a warning take by me,
Never let a sailor lad an inch above your knee,
For I trusted one and he beguiled me,
He left me with a pair of twins to dangle on me knee

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