Glen Washington - Kindness For Weakness lyrics
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Glen Washington - Kindness For Weakness lyrics

I just can't live without you no, no way.
Now many men will try to tell you bad things about me oh baby let them try I
Know one day their lust will die.
And there will be no cause or reason for you to doubt me.
Cause what I feel is real.
The love that I have for you is yours signed and sealed.
Now I'm building my whole wide world around you.
But baby here's what my request from you.

Chorus: Baby don't take my kindness for weakness. (Please) don't take my
Sweetness for weakness. No baby don't take my kindness for weakness. No, no
Baby cause our future depends on you. and no one else will do

And every breath I take, I'll take another one for you. Because I want you in
My life, now baby.
And every song I sing, I'll be singing with feelings about you.
With feelings of love so pure and true.
There is no way I can live my life without you baby.
But this I desire from you...


Bridge: I'll do almost anything you ask me to.
Always willing to set aside the tribulations you put me through.
And people will criticize,
That you and me, they don't think that it's right and everything that I do
They are willing and able to publicize.
I got all bets on you and waiting to finally receive my prize.
No matter how men rule our future is growing inside of you.
Baby time is the master
With Jah blessings we will prosper.
I am placing all bets on you.

(chorus out)
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