Pennywise - It's Not Enough To Believe lyrics
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Pennywise - It's Not Enough To Believe lyrics

One day the sky went black it came it
Came without a warning
No time to turn your back it's right
Outside your door
We all just close our
Eyes while the world is burning
While all the hypocrites
Are always wanting more
There's no more questions there's no more answers
We'll never know what
We're looking for
We'll sit back and we'll
Laugh as the world keeps searching
While we wonder what went wrong
It's not enough to
Believe the truth is calling
We all imagine we
Succeed but we all are falling
One day one life -
One chance just to get it right
It's not enough to
Believe we are all falling down
The hours is at hand
We sense the tide is turning
We plan for attack
That waits in black of night
Faithless will be devoured well
Silent souls are mourning
The loss of innocence
Succumbed to the endless fight
There's no more questions, there's no more answers
We wanna know
Just how the story ends
We all throw up our hands and wait in hopeless wonder
And with nothing left to give
You wanted to believe in unfounded
Truth no reason
Unanswered questions burning
Down deep inside
Finding truth in lies
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