B Cakes - It's We High lyrics
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B Cakes - It's We High lyrics

It's b cakes bitch should I say more
If it's a game then you better check the score
Waitin for some more money then going straight to the mall
Do it like sanse at warrendale start a brawl
Put it on the line yea I placed my bet
You say your big but I don't see you as a threat
We hustle that's how we go and eat our dinners
When the game over we leave like winners
They looking with a flashlight in the daytime
Cause the cash right here in the words that I rhyme
It's we high we roll like dice cubes
I like a girl fat ass and nice boobs
They say the truth shall come under the light
I guess the spotlight on me when I have the mic
Yea here we go again gettin this dough again
Styling on you bitcches I'm doing it all again
I can see you feel it give me a track I'll kill it
Don't worry about how I get my money just kno I get it
If you wanna be hot then u need the heat
All u need to do is start a flow then follow the beat
U fuckin with those guys that's countin pennies
I be that dude that's countin twenties
See my money talk I don't think u understand
I'm doing good this is just what I planned
Got a good fan base but I'm trying to expand
Don't try to fight back cause I got the upper hand
This chick come up to me and say u smell like dough
I said keep your nose outta my bessniss hoe
My sick yes I got the flew from this
I'm next up to bat I thought u knew this
I'm workin hard ya'll some haten fucks
But it don't matter cause I'm here makin bucks

It's we high records
We makin them bucks
It's we high records
Ya'll some haten fucks
It's we high records
We startin them fights
It's we high records
We makin things right
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