Mortimer Nova - Prime Meridian lyrics
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Mortimer Nova - Prime Meridian lyrics

I used to feel life was tragedy after tragedy.
Such a teacher you taught me I was wrong.
Sometimes I could act like such a child.
And you'd hold me and tell me that it was fine.
I would drink too much but you'd still take me home
And lay with me and make sure I fell asleep.
So I'm writing this song and it's just for you out of thanks and all my good intent.
I craved for something save me from myself.
Such a teacher you taught me how to feel and then that friday,
I asked if it was true.
I waited for you to say of course not I love you.
Realization can be such a ton of bricks causing abrupt endings bent from my mistakes.
We lay together, your body molds to mine and now I feel you're the reason I exist.
And I'm missing you and all that you do in a perfect world,
My dreams just might come true.
This is unexpected though I should've seen it from miles away.
I can't think anymore about you, there's nothing left to cut.
I keep asking myself is this real or just a nightmare.
I keep looking for you, but you're not around.
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