Leatherwolf - Vagrant lyrics
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Leatherwolf - Vagrant lyrics

Booked on section 647
Spent half the night just to get through this even
Out on bail back on the lonely highway
Back in jail underneath it my way

Time and time again
Just can't seem to win
Searching for the maker
I'm reaching for the taker

Just roaming around from place to place
All I am is a charity case
Gotta stay clear of the local court and the long arm of the law
Went to the city get what I can – had no luck at all

I just can't use the gun
I'm lost I haven't won
Searching for the maker

Just one more and that's all I had
No it's time for me to go
Wandering away from the way with erratic
Looking for the time of a show
Gotta get out of this bloody town
To see what can there be
Cause then I'm not here, I'm in here
Carrying on babe you see

Won't find me in high society
The spice of life is always what I obtain
Won't find me in a high class charity ball
I like to lay around and just do nothing at all

Time and time again
I just can't seem to win
Searching for the maker
I just keep on reaching for
I'm reaching for the taker
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