Krisiun - Massacre Under The Sun lyrics
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Krisiun - Massacre Under The Sun lyrics

Hunting, predatory legion dominate the wide open desert
For the pillage of lions and men
We came for the victorious massacre
Spilling of blood under sunlight
To be drained through infernal sands

We lead the hordes of killing to ravage cities and temples
Overwhelmed and enslaved
Vanquished enemies thrown at fire
We are martial, timeless descendants
Our blood burns inside our veins

Fiery constellations of timeless revelations
Before existence and extinction of all nations

Summoning from solar gates
Through vengeful, bloody summonings
Spirits of the red planet remember
The covenant of sacrifice and killings
Sworn between thee and the race of men

When a beast becomes prey, when sword and flesh collide
Massacre under the sun, massacre under the sun
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