N.a.s.a. - Martinishake lyrics
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N.a.s.a. - Martinishake lyrics

Move through the streets
To the sound of beating drums
See all the lights
And let your feelings decide
Noises in the air
Never been so clear
But jump up and stay
This crazy night will take you

Here There This That
Doesnt matter to us
We dance and feel the heat

Is the only thing
That counts around here
Take your time
You dont have to change gear
To speed up the music
Just dance and feel the heat

Move through the crowds
To the sound of shouting girls
Hear all the laughs
Theres a party going on
Thunder in disguise
Touch the ground
Feel the shake
Throw away your shoes
And let your feelings decide

So hold on to me
Trust that I will give you joy
Every finger points at the bar
Were out of control
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