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Beatles - Commonwealth lyrics

Immigrants. Wilson Health said to the immgrants you better get back to the

commonwealth homes. Yeah, yeah, yeah I said Get back home. Now Enoch Powell was

said to the folks color of his skin. He said don't care. So he said you better

get up. He said he said to Enoch Powell. You better go home. So Wilson said to.

We got to swing. We have to go the hill. So Wilson Health said to Enoch Powell

we got to the commonwealth. Commonwealth yeah commonwealth yeah commonwealth

yeah commonwealth yeah.

Commonwealth yeah. If you don't want trouble you got to go home. To Indania.

I've have enough of that. I'm coming back yeah to England. Dirty Enoch Powell.

Commonwealth. Commonwealth yeah. Don't you hear me commonwealth yeah. Well I

check Austria England India. Enoch powell. Oh commonwealth yeag. Oh

commonwealth yeah. Yeah commonwealth yeah. Commonwealth yeah. It's to common to

me. I came down the street to New Zealand. Commonwealth. Commonwealth yeah.

Commonwealth yeah. Enoch Powell commonwealth yeah. Immigrants commonwealth

yeah. Market.
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