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Icp - Beverly Kills lyrics

Jugglers, come out to play...Guess who’s coming to your big townJugglin’ jesters, kick-it clownsCircus sound, painted frownCarnival of carnage creeping roundI’m violent j and I’m sickThey try to run me down but ya know I’m too slickAnd I slip and slide like a slinkieSlip and slide with my twinkieWelcome to my world as it winds and it twistsI’m a kick a funky little rhyme that you missedBoloo-chewy-wuwwy-do-booAnd you’d be fucked up if that was really voodooCome see the one at the show of your lifeSee me breathe fire and swallow a knife, rightI ain’t swallowing nothing, jackBut I can juggalo like you never thought you’d ever knowAnd we packin’ that funkWith a snap and a clap and a jump jumpSo chicky chicky freak if ya wanna be downStep on up, ah...and kiss the clownAnd kiss the clownKiss the clownKiss the clownStep on up and kiss the clownStop the busViolent j comes outBarrels to your faceAnd blow your fucking face offCuz ya know my mind is golden ohHappen to catch me a beverly showBody fell asleep but my mind goes onWelcome to the world of juggla’s domeFirst day I enrolled at the high schoolButt-naked with an axe, wow, he’s so coolStand up and say your name. tell us about yourselfMy name’s 2 dope and I cut necks all to hellDylan, dylan, I’m trying to find dylanI’m finna cut his throat with a carny carny killin’Rich boy never seen a ghetto jokeroSlap you in the head with a sledgehammoSorry dylan didn’t mean to knock yaThen I stuffed his dead body in my lockerTo the next class don’t wanna be lateFinna ask brenda on a little dateI heard this bitch likes to fight in clubsTook her to a might max threw a pair of glovesWants to get her ass beat by a fat dykeAnd left the money-ass bitch there for the nightWoke her in the morning, threw her in the trunkThrew her in the tub, cuz the dumb bitch stunkHow you doing brenda, mind if I bend yaOver rover, do me like dundyI’m sure ya’d like that, ya little skankAnd when I finished, I stuffed the fucking head in the fish tankBack to the school, fat bitch in the lockerCouldn’t fit her booty in, so I cut her booty outSometimes I feel like I’m already in hellThrowing up children on del ray smellFuck those fucking fucks, uhRich fucks, man, fuck those fucksBeverly hills is beverly killsI’m gonna bring ghetto carnival thrillsWhere’s that other little rich little fagLooking for brandon cuz we can’t stand himI know my boys make the bass go boomBut shhh, you can hear jacking off in the boys roomAww, aww, dylan. I want your anus. aww, you’re soHot.Kicked in the stall then I kicked in his jawKicked him in face and kicked in his ballsPunk tried to run but he couldn’t try to wobbleBust him in the head with an empty faygo bottleTook him to the staircase, jumped on his faceRoad him down the bumpy chaseCan I hear him breathe one last noteStuffed his back down his throatBack to the locker, boy oh boy ohBack to the locker, stop that fucker!Back to the locker, boy oh boy ohBack to the locker, fucking stop that fucker!Walking down the hall and I’m feeling like the shitCuz all that’s left is one skank ass bitchKelly, kelly, your neden’s kinda smellyFunk down your legs and up to your bellyBut I’m with del ray, so fuck, don’t fade meLet me him man, you’re finna kick the canCome on, bitch, man. you’re getting ready to dieAnyway.Bitch, calm down. let me get a little putang,Ya know what I’m saying.Let me get a little trimp, bitch. you finna die.Okay, cuz I’m not a raperBut ya still make morning paperKelly found dead in her bathroomNah, kelly found dead in her dad’s roomNo, kelly found dead in her backyardCuz kelly choked on a joker’s cardSmashed up bodies chilling in my lockerKelly wouldn’t fit, chop-chop-chop-chop herOh no, principal know what I’m aboutCuz one of dylan’s sideburns was sticking outOh shit, they chase me cuz they found the bodiesNow I run my ass off, he-ho he-hoYelling, getting mad, you can hear them cussDidn’t look both ways and got hit by busCrunched up under, tangled in the wheelsSpit me out the muffler, ya know how that feelsLost both my legs so I’m running on my handsThen I seen prince so I clap cuz I’m a big fanAnd straight busted my face on the streetAnd here come the police...ya know
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