Frank Zappa - Babbette lyrics
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Frank Zappa - Babbette lyrics

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Napoleon murphy brock (saxophone, vocals)George duke (keyboards, vocals)Ruth underwood (percussion)Tom fowler (bass)Chester thompson (drums)Don’t tell me no, babbette(I mean duke)Don’t you tear my dreamDon’t you break my heartDarling, we could share a love so finePlease, darling, won’t you be mineDon’t tell me no, babbetteCan’t you see that iDon’t wanna make you cryYou’re the only one like this beforePlease, babbette, it’s you I adoreYou I a-do-reOh!Oh, how I want youI really really want youI need your love to guide my wayOh! oh! oh!Oh, how I need youI really really need youDon’t try to barkAnd I’ll take you to the parkArf! arf! arf!No, babbette,Don’t you tear my dreamDon’t you break my heartOh-wow-wow-woh!We could share a loveWe could share a love...We-e-e-e could share a life...You knowBabbetteI know I had to go on a tour with zappaAnd so marty said to his ever babbetteWell, you knowWhen I need a little bit of your lovin’, babbetteI brought along a whistle around my neckSo I can call you babbetteI said wah-ah-aahh!Could nobody hear that whistle for babbette? Woh! it’s a strange dog-whistleThe only dog that could answer the great thingsIs a german shepherdGolden man pinches...All marty’s womenYou know I saidNo, no, no, babbetteShare my loveDon’t make me cry-yDon’t make me cryOh-oh! no-oh, no-oh, no-oh, babbetteShare my loveDon’t make meDon’t make meDon’t make me cry-y-yOh-wow-wow-wow-woh!Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf!Please,(that’s what marty said to all his dogs)(marty, there’s a phone call for you!)Please!!!
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