E-40 - Catch A Fade lyrics
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E-40 - Catch A Fade lyrics

(Kendrick Lamar & E-40)
Jumping off the front porch with a new approach
I remote to a location where the broom sit
Here I go, street sweeper
Monday to Friday, if not though we can catch a fade
Catch a fade [x7]
(Kendrick Lamar)
[Verse 1]:
Give me that, give me plenty Feddi
Federales on my back, pack em in the cemetery
Send a scary hit out on your messenger, I'm ignorant to wrestle a
Gorilla in the center of an Acura Integra
I'm napalm when the beat slap like eight palms
And I wear eight charms, every airport alarm
I don't even want a favor, I just want a fair one
And it's like that till the sheriffs come[Chorus]
[Verse 2]:
Not you, who Droop? He a good dude
Put him in a bad mood, turn you into goon food

S-I-C-K with T.D.E.
And this Landy got her ready to get it hit from the back
She chose up chump, salute, give daps
Or get your face flat, you don't want that
And get your nose tapped, you don't want that[Chorus]
[Verse 3]:
Stay turned, super charged up, stoked
Ghetto pass never revoked
Mouthpiece faster than a speedboat
Keep it one hundred like a C-note, pea coat
Popo trying to decode lingo
Trapper factor macker, having money like a rapper (rapper)
Bumping local talent, pulling up with the blapper (blapper)[Chorus]
[E-40, Kendrick Lamar & Droop-E]:
Where you from Droop-E? (The West)
Where you from Kendrick? (The West)
Ay 40, where you from though? (The West)
Who bring it to they front door? (The West)

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