Eminem - Ballin'' Uncontrollably lyrics
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Eminem - Ballin'' Uncontrollably lyrics

Intro: ya, we gots money baby, I'm talking bout, talking about that long money, when you see us come through, you just know.

Chorus: balling uncontrollaby x15 ba ba balling uncontrollaby

Slim shady~: man I got errything, candy painted, candy painted tint, tint so dark I'd be lying if I said I aint hit it, least 9 of my friends, plus I have so much candy paint on my rims, paint be flying off my car I'd be candy painting the neighborhood kids, I got that whole block looking like it's candy land, ask about me man, they be like there goes the candy man, I park the car in the garage and go in it, come back the next morning, the rims is still spinin', hit the doors(dows')on that phantom, man that shit looks like the bat mobile, 32" inch rims, shit I aint even got no wheels, custom fitted, custom kitted, wood grain, custom errything, sat on the seat, custom mustard stain, now lets go hit the mall, ya'll know that we feelin to ball, get out the car, they be like ahhh! there goes them superstars!, hit every single sto(store*), flash a fucking wad of cash, but I aint buying shit bitch, kiss my candy painted ass.


E: ya x7, hit they come(or here they come), the liquor starter, get corona, tip the owna, sip it on the way out, as I dip out on the rifter router, (high voice help me out not sure what it says yet)


E: bitch get the fuck out my car, if we aint feelin to fuck, I'm horny as fuck, bitch are you sucking my dick or what, I fuck a chick in da butt, I really don't give a shit, is pretty marshal gonna have to go choke me a bitch, you fucking keyed up my benz, bitch I beat up my friends, think I wont beat a bitch, I kicked a six year old in the ribs, you fucking retard, I'll have you sucking farts off my seat, I'll teach you not to know how how to control your bawls when you eat, what the fuck do you think that clastame bag is for, look, I didn't waste 9 bullets on you for you to not sing a hook, I fucking take a make a wish foundation patient with me, hoop out some coke inside of your saline solution iv, turn around and use it on me, you tryna snort up my keys, you fucking brat, get in back, your coming to Florida with me, tell your momma imma drop you off at the hospital lata, we feelin to make this run, take the gun & cover me slaya.


[(then idk again another high voice sounding like em makin fun of jay z) hit me up if you know what the words are, I'm tired of dumbasses getting the lyrics terrible wrong]
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