Joe Bonamassa - Headaches To Heartbreaks lyrics
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Joe Bonamassa - Headaches To Heartbreaks lyrics

I have my bad days, have my good days too
They all coincide with my new attitude yeah
And pretty baby to the blues I sing - it's my only
Just headaches to a heartbreak
Never meant to (need help here)
I feel like I've been used, never want to see you again

But it's bittersweet (and)
Interesting what the world brings
I know that now
I'm gonna have my say
Headaches to heartbreaks

I'm from the old school, like the old rules
Don't care anymore what you're gonna do
Just shake up the system, I really wanna listen to you
A friend of mine, past his prime
Struggled for a chance to make a dime
Now for no reason he committed treason again



(Repeat 1st Verse)


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